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Checking out PHX area

So I dropped my bike at Go Az the morning of the wedding and had scheduled to pick it up the next day. It was not ready and there was some story. New chain needed after 15K! I had no problem replacing the chain because of where I am headed but still seems a little fast. I wanted an after market chain and they didn't listen and installed OEM. Since I am getting the bike back a day late I will just roll with the OEM chain. I just don't feel like most service guys listen. They always seem to want to tell me more than listen to the guy that is on the bike everyday.

So I hope I don't have to speak of this again because if I do I will be in a pickle. When my bike is cold it seems to take an extrememly long time for the start button to do anything. Sometimes it doesnt do anything at all and I turn the key off and on. That may or may not fix the problem Go AZ said the bike is just taking longer to do its thing because its cold. I say sometimes its thing is to do nothing. They cant duplicte the problem. I consider buying a spare starter button assembly(its the entire pod on the handle bar) $236 dollars!!! Ouch!!!! i am going to chance it I guess. Maybe I have imagined all this? At least thats what Go AZ service has conviced me.

Bike picked up and 3 days in PHX to get organized and visit with Mom. She flew out for Maine to visit before I disappear on the road from banditos or any of the other crazy horror stories. Its cool she has healthy Mom worries and that's ok. I get a kick out of the horror stories I hear from people that never travel to the places they feel the need to tell me about and how dangerous they are!!! My first moto Mexican trip last year I seemed to get a lot more negative comments. This year has been almost all positive input and "good for you" type comments.

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words.

Took a drive around the greater PHX area and got some great pics.
North of Scottsdale

All Bikes. Pictures do not do this place justice. It is amazing on so many levels!!!

Several more pics on smugmug. I really just didn't know how to capture it. Great old bikes cars and snowmobiles.
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