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Originally Posted by ricksca View Post
Hi Esther, I just discovered your RR and read it all. I have been planning my first moto tour of Baja and your adventure has bouyed my confidence.

There are a couple things that I want to tell you about. You probably already know about them, but I have not seen any reference, so, in the off chance you don't, here they are: The first is It's a site that lists thousands of people with couches all over the world where you can stay for free. In your case, I'll bet that at the least, you could find someone with a back yard who would let you set up your tent. The second is Pretty much the same thing only the accommodations range from tree houses to villas - but they aren't free. The owner sets the price - often less than a campground. Again, you could negotiate for tent space in the yard, probably very cheaply. Most accept last minute reservations.

I hope you find these useful - and that if you are ever back on the west coast (Grass Valley, CA) you will take advantage of our couch (or back yard). Rick
Thanks ricksca! I knew about couch surfing, and I tried that, but it took the guy I had asked to sty with 2 weeks to reply. I was long gone by then. I think it works with those couch surfing hosts that check their email regularly, or when you know way ahead of time where you will be. Not my case at most times, going with the flow is not quite couch surfing material.
Thanks though!
And yes, I'll give you a buzz whenever I get in your area
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