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Originally Posted by Wirespokes View Post
It may seem like a lot more trouble, but it's actually pretty simple and quick.

Remove the front wheel!

To prevent the center stand collapsing when the bike tilts forward, tie the bottom rung to the header crossover.

With the front end resting on the sliders, the rear will easily be high enough to remove the rear.

The wheels aren't tempered, nothing special about the aluminum. Fairly soft actually. The only concern might be the powder coating - if they're powder coated, be sure to grind it all way back! Paint needs to be gone as well from the area. Aluminum welding doesn't go too well with contaminants.
Of course! Yeah it is pretty easy getting the front wheel off, I tried that before but the centre stand collapsed as you say.. I never thought about using a strap to tie it to the header cross over.. genius! Thank you!

Re the Aluminium... yes they are powder coated. Will make sure to clean them up proper myself before getting them welded.

Big Bamboo: Great tip on the cab drivers as well!
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