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Originally Posted by walkingbear View Post
Just brought home the R90S from an inmate here.
Was running before .. but we tried to fire her up this
morning before loading it up in the van.

Had the dash lights go on. Figure it was a weak battery.

Got her home .. put it on a charger. NO LIGHTS at all.. just like when when tried to fire her before. Electrical switch in headlight is two position off or on.
The emergency switch on the on position. ( could this be bad)

Battery shows it has some juice in the battery.

fuses are located in headlight bucket .. not necessary to remove fairing to get at.... carefully unscrew large band that holds headlight in place. carefully remove bulb assembly.

you will find fuses inside ...

to check out battery ... assuming it's a lead/acid.. charge to full preferably not with a trickle charger, which could take 2+ days to fully charge.

then measure resting voltage of battery with a known to be accurate meter. 12.85v resting indicates a fully charged condition.

to achieve resting battery state ... allow battery to sit overnight...or if you don't have time to wait... place a substantial load on battery for short durations. like honking horn a few times. this will scrub off any surface charge to allow a reasonably accurate volts reading.

after you get R90S back running again... volt reading taken directly at battery should be 13.8-14.2 range with engine at mid range.

wiring diagrams, etc are buried somewhere in my bringing R90S back to life thread. link in sig...
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