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The track layout was WAY different than I had thought! Because of the GP format, they apparently merged the two motocross tracks and added some funky features:
1. A sand wash section that ran under a low canopy of trees with softball sized rocks strewn through it
2. An asphalt section that ran about 100 yds
3. A Tunnel (drain pipe)

Lap times were running 7 minutes plus....mine was longer.

I rode over to the staging area with john and killed the motor. They were letting us go about 50 bikes at a time. We sat there for what seemed like forever, but finally we got the word to start up. All the bikes fired up around me but I just kicked and kicked. Shit.

John offered to give it a try and we finally got the #20 running just as we got the signal to go. Everybody dropped the hammer and in roar of roost and thunder we were off.

I understand that this particular CR250F and the RM-Z250 I ride at home are two different beasts. I was counting on that. But something was not right. The throttle response was unpredictable. Here was the first massive uphill.....The throttle cutting on and off....But I make it.......I barely make the 2nd one only to stall at the very top after getting hit from behind by another rider.."Sorry" she says as she roosts me and launches herself over the face of the famous down-hill. After a few minutes of kicking I realize John left the choke on Ok, honest mistake. I kick it for a few more minutes before I realize I can just jump start it down the cliff...Doh!
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