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Originally Posted by G19Tony View Post
Not so for Nevada. Dirt bikes can be plated with the addition of lights, signals, horn. OHV bikes also need a sticker now. It's a new revenue stream for the state. I have to get the sticker, so I can get a title. The PO, of course, didn't have the title. Once I get the title, I can get it plated. All in all, it's an extra $20 to the state. At least I think that's how it's going to work. A couple other guys I know have done it. So, I'm not anticipating any problems.
I think almost all the other states have provision to make a dirt bike street legal.
The federal laws allow for it too as was brought out in court here.

But Alaska has some goofy laws just like every state and this is one of them.
Why and how it came to be the law here is hard to figure.
Maybe people were getting their snowmobiles licensed for the road and when some legislator didn't like that he proposed a bill to stop it and dirt bikes got lumped in with snowmobiles and ATV's. Which is the typical government stupidity since many small towns and villages use ATV's and snowmobiles as the common transportation. The Troopers ignore the stupid laws.

We also can't get a plate for a dune buggy. Kit cars are ok, just not a dune buggy.
When i pointed out that a fiberglass body dune buggy is a kit car the answer was that I can't get a plate for my dune buggy. They are going by the "look" and if it "looks" like a dune buggy you can't get a license. ARGH!!!!

Yes, dune buggies and plated dirt bikes in Alaska are a real threat to public safety.... Idiots
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