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Originally Posted by Fire Escape View Post
...... I hope that you are a patient man. Good luck!

Yes, I am.

And thank you for the compressed air idea. "Why didn't I think of that!"

Least likely obstruction is a marble. I know he did shoot it w/ lead ball, after the Marble Experiments but probably prior to WWII. Might just be other crap down there. I saw it for years (I had known him since the late 70's) just sitting barrel-up in one of those round gun racks, in the corner of his living room. The part of the bore I can see looks pretty good, but who knows what it's like waaaay down in the dark.

He knew I had always admired it, and he was going to sell it to me "some day". Neither of us was in a hurry. Then he had a couple of strokes.....

It was gifted to me by his daughters (got to know him because of them ), after the strokes but before he passed away, as a thank you for helping out at the farm after the first stroke when he was able to live at home but couldn't handle the chores anymore. And if it's just a Wall Hanger, so be it. But I really would like to someday be able to shoot a few rounds, then drink a few rounds, in honor of that good 'ol Irishman, WWII Vet (SeaBee, South Pacific), and friend.

I'll pop back w/ an update later, but due to my work schedule it might be awhile before I have time to give it the proper attention.

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