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Am thinking this may factor in to galling often found in the cam bearing caps? [/QUOTE]

That, in every reported case, is the result of running the motor at too low an oil level and causing oil starvation 1st at the exhaust cam bearings (which are running on the AL bearings). The cam bearings, and exhaust bearings in particular, are the furtherest from the oil pump and 1st to go. The KLR oil pressure is only in the 11-20psi range once the motor is warmed up.

MC specifc motor oils are richer in zinc, (as is Rotella - basically designed for heavy, high compression diesel motors) which has good wear resistant properties. Zinc content in oil has been reduced in most oils as it is considered a heavy metal polutant (one of the 6 'sisters') by the EPA.

Engine manufacturer specified oil types and viscosities are related to their designs, tolerances, types of bearings, metalurgy and operating range. Respect their design knowledge and recomendations.
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