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one day i decided to take it on the highway to my school that was about 5 miles down the highway, that is when the problems started. it got up on the highway just fine, a little more vibration than i was used to as i had knobby tires. also, i had to flip to the reserve tank as soon as i got there, thinking i would have to fill up on the way home.

After class it was a PITA to start and it kept dying on me so i took the backroads back home as they were slower, but it adds a mile to my trip. i must have had to pull over and kick it (about 20 times to start) every quarter mile. what i failed to mention earlier is that the tank had once had rust in it and the previous owner said he power washed it out. i thought that this would account for the rust i had found in the carb when i had cleaned it.
when i got home i removed the tank, the carb, airfilter (whick was rotten). the tank was almost empty, so i drained out the dirtiest fuel ive ever seen. full of rust and crap. i pulled the petcock to find the screens on the main drain were clogged with rust and the reserve line had no filter tower, and was also clogged with rust. i didnt even try to mess with it, i had a spare petcock form another project that fit, so i tossed the old petcock in the trash. i went to the store and got an airfilter and a kreme kit , and started to kreme the tank.
tank kremed, carb recleaned, new airfilter. decided now as good a time as any so i changed the oil and filter while i was at it. threw it all back together. ran great.
about 1000 miles later it was becoming hard to start cold so i did a valve adjustment. now it kicks on the first try.
then i put some nice shinko 50/50 tires on it, and cleaned and lubed the chain.
i removed all the plastics minus the tail section and painted them od green, looks sharp. and ditched the crap tool bag for a small military box, plastic with a waterproof seal, it was a throwaway from when my old army unit was moving to colorado, glad i saved it. i also added a nice steel license plate mount and used the plate bolts that have the little leds in there so my rear plate will be illuminated.
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