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i ve taken my girlfriend on the back of it to dallas and back a couple times, she loves it. made her assist me in doing another oil change and a radiator flush.

there was a clicking noise from the front tire. i tightened all the spokes as they were all loose. no noise.

one day when i was down in dallas it started making a clicking grinding noise it the front and the speedometer was jumping around so i pulled over and removed the inner cable of the speedo. no noise. it had just backed out a little from the gauge. i fixed and lubed it when i got home. no noise, happy speedo.

one day i parked it on the street near the bars and had a few drinks,,,, the next day when i returned to the bike, or rather where i had parked the bike, it was gone. i found the kickstand on the ground in the middle of the road, the mounting tab still attached to it. the bike was leaned up against a light pole about half a block from where i had parked it. and half the gas was missing from the tank. im guessing some one backed into it real slow, as the wheels were still in good shape, and that snapped off the kickstand. then maybe someone saw it laying in the middle of the street, where it leaked half the gas out, and righted it, and put it on the light pole. now i have to lean it against trees and the sides of buildings. if anyone knows of a good clamp-on side stand, please let me know. PM me PLEASE!!
i turned my fuel mixture screw to 2 and a half turns out, from bottom, and added two #4 washers (.22 cent mod) to the needle, also removed the baffle but left the spark arrestor in place. rides great, sounds awesome. the coolant needle stays straight up and down. right in the middle of the gauge, it runns a little cooler when im on the highway, but it never gets any hotter.
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