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I had full intentions of making this last year but surgeries and obligations kept me away. Not to mention a problem with my bike, which is now fixed. Provided the next surgery doesn't interfere and my bike keeps going, I plan to make it in 2013.

Byrds is a perfect place for this event. I know the Byrds family a little, 2 of the Byrds kids/grandkids/whatever, rode the Ar. Harescramble series a few years ago, and they have a yearly Ar. Scramble there every year. I know the singletrack there fairly well and could lead a ride on that stuff if anyone wants. Depending on how you route the ride you could make it all on any bike KLR 650 sized or smaller with front/rear knobbies and lower gearing. Wouldn't be easy, but possible. The scramble at Byrds used to be pretty hard but they have toned it down in recent years so it is a bit tight in places but not difficult. Of course a big bike could make it but a smaller bike would be more practical. Byrds is kind of in the center of things in the Boston Mtns and the riding all around that area is fantastic, whether on dirt roads, pavement, or singletrack. The Byrds campground is huge and has hot showers! And indoor crappers, and I don't mean the blue ones that always have pee and poo-poo on the seats.

Speaking of pee- pee-poo-poo seats, how do people get poo-poo on a seat and not at least wipe it off? How do they get it on top of the pooper seat at all? One of the mysteries of the universe I suppose.

I also know a little of the singletrack at Mill Creek/White Rock Mtn which is very close by. Several years ago I rode the Fall Colors Tour in which we did a varied type ride which included twotrack at Mt. Magazine, some pavement, alot of dirt roads, and twotrack and singletrack at White Rock on the old enduro trails. Everyone seemed to enjoy the mix of the hard/easy terrain rather than staying on roads. The group I rode with were on smaller bikes, I think a guy on an XR 650 L had the biggest bike that year. I was on a KLR 650 but it quit running on the first day and I finished the ride on the trusty DRZ. I whished I had just ridden the DRZ from the start, it would have been much easier to push it across the deep creeks!

You ever try pushing a KLR 650 through deep swift running water? When it was 45 degrees? By the way, don't let a guy named Jim Devereaux pull you with his bike. My KLR would only do 85 mph after I geared it down, but Devro's DRZ would do at least 205 mph while pulling me on a 400 lb bike. Don't beleive me? I wouldn't have beleived it either if I hadn't been there, attached to a tow rope with a madman on a DRZ intent on killing me by scaring me to death. I was so terrified of death by dragging I didn't realize until he had pulled me about a hundred miles that all I had to do to slow him down was drag my brakes. Funny how the eminent threat of death makes you forget simple things like that your bike has brakes.

But I digest. Back to SLAP, I know a bunch of guys who know the White Rock Mtn singletrack very well, and could probably set up a guide for anyone who wants to do little trails on big bikes. I would of course stress to them that I would kill them slowly if they put us on any AA stuff. These days I have a hard time riding AA singletrack on a race bike, much less an Adv bike.

Would there be any interest if I went up there before hand and found a route from Byrds, through the Harescramble race trail, and to Oark, or has someone already volunteered for such a trip? The trip to Oark would be 95% twotrack and dirt roads after the 7 miles of race course. Again, I stress that the singletrack at Byrds can be done on pretty much any smaller bike, such as a KLR, BMW 650, and probably even on a bigger bike with a really good rider. I would guess that any bigger bike would just not be fun even if you did make it. A good rider on any smaller bike would have no trouble.

Who's bringing the moonshine? I think I could ride a Goldwing on singletrack with a shot of 'shine.Might not be able to ride in a straight line though.

I have a little enclosed trailer, I may bring a welder and tools just in case it's needed. I can't weld aluminum, don't even have the wire to do it, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to bring it anyway.

I can taste the corn likker now, boys and girls! Is it ok to say cornlikker on this website?
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