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The tappet cover gasket on the rear cylinder of my 87 600 has developed a slight weep/leak of oil that is slowly becoming worse.

Do I have to drop the motor from the frame to change the cover gasket or can it be done in the frame?


See this link below, page 713 post # 10690.

Depending on how bad the leak is you can also try a very thin washer commonly used for water faucet valve repairs. Typically they are brass and measure around .020 to .025 thousanths thick. Place each of them under the two valve cover screws ( IF 87's use the same screw design). This will allow the screws to compress the valve gasket the same thickness as the washer before the screw shoulders against their stops. I would use the thinest washer you can use to stop the leak.

The valve cover screw design has a shoulder that bottoms out and limits the compression of the valve cover gasket while being able to be tightened firmly. The washers in effect make the shoulder length slightly shorter which requires the valve cover gasket to compress more before the screw hits the stop. Remember you are compressing the valve cover gasket and you can cut the gasket if it is compressed too much by using too thick of a washer.

I have found that most all leaking valve ( tappet) cover gaskets are still soft and flexable enough to compress some more and this should stop the leak or at least reduce it. I just go ahead and change them for new gaskets but I think this works to, at least it's worth trying and may buy you more time before needing to replace them.


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