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Originally Posted by leftystrat62 View Post
Did you replace all those parts they list as "New"--seals & gaskets, in they service manual when you changed your fork oil. Do you need that special wrench they show you need to take apart the head bearing?
1) For changing fork oil, the fork seals don't have to be replaced since you won't be separating the inner and outer fork tubes.

2) I don't bother changing the fork cap o-rings unless (never seen one on my bikes) I were to discover it's damaged.

3) I DO change the copper washer (called a gasket on the parts catalogue/microfiche) at the bottom of the fork IF the base valve at the bottom of the fork were coming out.
However, for just an oil change, you will be leaving that alone (see No. 1 above).

4) You can make do without a proper spanner for the slotted nut on the steering head (although you run a risk of gnarling-up the slotted nut by using pliers or a hammer and screwdriver), but I feel you'll be making it harder to get a good feel for applying proper tension on the steering bearings.
I've tried it both ways, and since proper tension is easily reached with just your wrist, you get a much better feel for what you're doing with a spanner wrench.

If you have had your front fork modified/revalved and you want to keep the same feel from it, I'd find out from the guy that did the work (hopefully he sent you a spec. sheet detailing this) what fork oil he used and what oil level he set it at.
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