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Originally Posted by gatogato View Post
Well, I only have to sell 9,124 until I will have enough money to get my plane fixed.

Here is a list of completed orders so far:
1. BrainBender: USPS Priority 9405510200793456798077
2. DSM8: USPS Priority 9405510200883563116311
3. Yossarian: USPS Priority 9405510200828553451812
4. Lance: USPS Priority 9405510200883563116311
5. Britt: USPS Priority: 9405510200793456798077
6 Koji: USPS Priority: 9405510200881553241012
7.DarkNight: USPS Priority: 9405510200881553241084
8.Chan: USPS Priority: 9405510200883563116617
9. Crashmaster: USPS Priority: 9405510200828553455168
10. AVM: USPS Priority: 9405510200883563149392

Due to higher then anticipated shipping costs I have to raise the price by a couple bucks to $22.99 but I will now also be including a free gift with each purchase!

I don't mean to hijack the thread, but what happened? I learned to fly on a Tomahawk, great little plane. Hope you get it back in the air soon.
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