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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
I know, I am fortunate and actually love my boss/owner. I have known him since the mid-80's Not only is he very passionate about all things motorcycle... He is a great guy and lives his life above reproach. At his big store there are 65 employees +/- ... He pays himself $1/year for that dealership. No Joke. ONE DOLLAR.

2010 was not a very good year and the store was in the Red. 2011 we turned it around and this year we are continuing that trend and doing well.

I overheard someone ask George if it were true what he pays himself for such a large store? He confirmed it. The person then asked him why he does it. (?) I will never forget his reply: "I employ 65 full time people WITH benefits and do so by providing our customers with the Joy and Passion that only Motorcycles can bring... How cool is that!"

Here, catch a little of what George Latus is about here in this video, He comes on at about 50 second mark.

I would rather be dead than take advantage of or steel from a man like that. I understand that not all stores are like this... That some stores, owners and people working in the industry have somehow lost the passion along the way. For Team Latus (and MANY other good stores) It is still all about the riding!
Not because it is our "job"... We do it because we WANT TO! And as George says: "How Cool is that!"
I have driven well over 100 miles to LOOK at a bike at a dealer that has a known good reputation. For a dealer such as mentioned above, I'd do a fly and ride to give that man my business. Contrary to what others in this thread may believe, I understand dealers need to make a profit when selling a bike to keep their doors open, something not everyone realizes. Customers that try to gouge dealers are no better than dealers that try to gouge customers. If everyone is on the same sheet of paper, negotiations should take a few minutes and everyone is happy, or you are just too far apart on price. I'd gladly go out of my way to do business with the dealership and staff listed above. I hope they keep their doors open.

Regarding negotiations... I bought a Tahoe after about 5 minutes of discussing price, and an RV in about the save time. Both myself and the sales staff reached a price we were happy with that fast! So that was a win win.... which is what I shoot for when purchasing, vice trying to steal an item by beating down the dealer with the expectation of an unreasonable price. I was thinking how many buy or sell transactions of bikes (let alone numerous parts and gear transactions) I've completed with inmates here. I lost track at about 10. Negotiations usually lasted a very short time, and everyone was happy.

Used to do business with a bicycle shop that was very similar to the moto shop mentioned above. I actually asked the guy to charge me over the discounted price (as did my now business partner) he typically offered us. The owner's son, the manager, asked me "WHY?" one day. I told him simple... I wanted him and the shop there as a resource for me, and I don't mind paying for that. If he gives crazy discounts and ends up folding, that doesn't do me OR him any good. He was quite surprised by that attitude.

Sorry for the rant... first cup of strong morning coffee. Hopefully I made my point somewhat clearly.

Tail of the Dragon at Deal's Gap... Avoid it now, do a trackday.

Do not do business with Myrtle West Cycle... Not a reputable vendor by a long shot.

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