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Originally Posted by Gham View Post
This is disappointing to hear,I am older (55) and was looking to enter the trials scene here in Michigan.
I am a fairly competent street rider and have ridden dirt bikes on and off for years although none in the last 15 or so.
I am sick and bored of street riding and some of the Trials people I met at an informal event seemed pleasant enough to look into checking it out further.
I have even gone as far as to inquire about a bike although as yours,it was an older vintage model.Something that if I liked the competition well enough I could probably sell and upgrade without being out much.From everything I have heard your fairly spot-on with your description of the scene but having never been to an actual sanctioned event I didn't know about the novice line being that difficult.
Oh and after you buy one, and don't like trials, they are impossible to sell. They want the latest and greatest instead. So yes, you can travel 2 to 5 states away to ride but most people would not. ITSA has great events....In Tennessee or MO. The original question was what is it that keeps people out of the sport? Excessive travel to compete on a vintage bike is really one of those things . MOTA thinks vintage bikes are neat but does not foster them at all and they really don't want you beating their little boys and girls and wives in the beginner class.
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