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Originally Posted by doc_ricketts View Post
I am a scientist and in this case I am just trying to understand the history of the debate over this area. I totally want things left alone, because I have enjoyed the area since I first went to the U. of Utah and made many trips down there studying the geology, hiking, and more recently making motorcycle rides. There is plenty of pristine area preserved and what is accessible now to motorized travel needs to be left alone. And I support the access to much of this area to energy development, but not housing development. The State of Utah does not need to fork over these lands to home and ranch developers which will close off things faster than anything. I have signed the petition, but my sense is that our ADV community is pretty small potatoes compared to the weight behind the Sierra Club faction. You can poo poo the role that Huntsman might play in this, but I have both signed the petition, sent the email to Obama, and will get some appropriate mail to Huntsman at the right point.

And you might want to read the article again and notice this statement:
"After a private meeting with Herbert, Frank Hugelmeyer, the president and CEO of the Outdoor Industry Association, released a scathing statement from the trade group’s board about “Utah’s unfavorable positions on public lands policy”:"

Sorry, It seemed like in your fist posts you were saying this was some how justified, or a reasonable response, due to Utah's current political environment (at least how I read it).

But I see what your point is and I agree this has always been their agenda, but due to the recent actions by the State of Utah they used used those as a "selling" point to give this the momentum it had.

I also agree 100% with your comments about access for energy development vs housing.

It is important to remember this is not a new problem, it has been done in Escalante, they tried it with the Swell and they will continue to try it until it happens, and then they will start trying again somewhere else.

Let us know what kind of response Huntsman gives? How are you getting in touch with him?
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