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Originally Posted by Paul_Rochdale View Post
I'm very impressed with some of the workshops (garages) shown on here. You Americans often do things with some style. All that space and so well fitted out. For years I had to make do with our simple UK-sized domestic brick-built garages, usually filled with freezers, tumble dryers and the endless packing cases still unpacked from the house move eighteen years ago. Five years ago I decided to treat myself and bought on eBay a large timber double garage (actually about a 2 1/2 car garage). My son and I rented a 7.5 ton truck and leaving home at 4am we drove up to Lancashire where we found the workshop, still assembled. We spent the entire day dismantling it and brought it back to Kent. I rented a small digger and dug the foundations into the hillside, dumped in tons of concrete, built concrete block lower walls, then infilled with roadstone, steel mesh and more concrete. Then the construction began. Everything that was nailed, I screwed, and everything that was screwed I bolted. I felted the pitched roof. installed the lighting and triple sicket outlets, painted the floor and laid down out old living room carpet. At long, long last, after many years of dreaming, I had somewhere warm and dry to store my cars and bikes. This year I fitted two old UPVC windows so I have at last natural light. It's my piece of heaven.

Ok, we Americans may do it with a little style, BUT you Brits put soul into it! Removing every screw and nail to disassemble and then reassemble a workshop?!?! We Yanks are too lazy for that!
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