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Hello Maine folks,

Just back from a short stint in Colorado. Took a position that didn't work out. Have a new one lined up for Maine. I will need to reside around the Lewiston, Maine area. Don't need to be right in Lewiston, but somewhere relatively close.

At this point I'm looking for any info I can get. I will need to rent a house for while until I'm sure this will work out job wise. Then I will look to buy. I live in a rural area outside of town and would be looking to replicate that. I am just not much of a city dweller. I like to burn wood and have room to roam.

I live 9 miles from the Canadian border now. So I have a grasp on the winter weather for the most part.

But any info will be appreciated, weather, real estate, riding buddies, good areas to look at. Anything really.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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