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Originally Posted by alvincullumyork View Post
Stop it right now. Angry eyes!!!!!

If you put like thiry more coats of paint on it well be twice as strong and half as ugly.

I went up to the cabin with dad today and donated about thirty of your 223 rounds to the scaring the crap out of but doing no real damage to the coyote fund. We'll call it even, ammo for bad welds.

I also road your Harley around Hermiston a little bit but not much. I might change fuilds tomorrow with Steve across the street.
Hahaha! You know you love it! It will be easy to take off; you can weld all sorts of stuff to it later.

And that is totally not a fair trade. How did you find out where my zombie appocalypse ammo is?! That's my private reserve for stopping the legions of the undead!

Doing a fluid change with steve would be a really, really good idea. Remember, there are three different drain plugs: engine, primary, and trany. Approx 3 quarts of engine oil for the engine, and a quart of gear oil apiece for the primary and tranny. The drain plug on the primary might be a little stripped. You might have to go get a new one from the harley shop in tri-cities. Make SURE you use a good, solid JASO rated synthetic oil for the engine. You can get some good stuff at autozone that is speciffically built for Harley's and is less expensive than the Harley Synth-3 stuff that you buy at the Harley Shops. For the primary and transmission, I usually use the Harley gear oil. But steve might know something better.
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