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More pics from Zipolite

Here are a few more pictures from Zipolite

Just to wet your appetite, Angele did a quick search for flights, Moncton (the Maritimes are always very expensive to fly out of) to Huatulco (the nearest airport) is $900 in January and February, which is when you want to get out of Canada if you're like me.

I asked about those new beach front Cabanas on stilts I posted the picture of, the locals think they are $15/night.

The internet is very slow today and my pictures are slow to upload to Smugmug but here they are as they load, not necessarily the order I would choose to put them in

Montreal bikes

The Bar

It's name is the Spanish word for hummingbird. Can't remember what that is???

This is what it's like to walk in the "downtown" such as it is, and look out to the beach

Like a Corona Commercial

Jason, just chillin'

The bar has a room with a view you can crash in if you get too drunk to walk down the beach (haven't had to use that, but came close one night.

One of many cool beach houses

Judy, from Vancouver, who works at the bar


Mehai and Pawel

The Montreal inmates

Chatted with this nice guy from Vancouver in the bar, but for the life of me I can't remember his name. Jason was talking to him too and he thinks his name is Angelo. Very nice guy in any case! We have met so many people down here it gets tough to remember all the names.

I love all the hand painted signs you see down here. I took a course in Sign Design and hand lettering once and I appreciate the work that goes into them. There are a lot of good sign painters in Mexico. You hardly ever see a hand painted sign in Canada anymore. It's all computer generated.

This may be why my posting here is a little messed up.

At the bar, you can pull up a hammock and watch a smoldering Mexican sunset slide slowly into the Azure Pacific.

During the hottest part of the day even the dogs find a place to Chill in the shade

More hand painted signage

The largest building in the downtown core, an internet cafe.

Beachfront property

These little sand crabs play a life and death game with the surf. Can they ever run! I waited a few minutes for this little guy to come out of his hole. He knew I was there, but he finally came out.

Someone has just finished constructing this new Condo complex on the beach. It's so new there are only a couple units that appear to be occupied. The locals are not so happy about the development. If I lived here I wouldn't be happy either. It really doesn't fit in.

Mike from Idaho, who told me he was down here by himself on an older BMW GS on his way to Argentina

What can I say?......Zipolite

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