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Originally Posted by Ladder106 View Post
One of the common traits of this engine that seems to run throughout many threads and user sites and shared experiences is:

(a) Transalp engines will use some oil if run consistently over 5000 rpm for long periods of time.

(b) As the engine hours/mileage increases, this oil use also increases.

The engine seems to run well and consistently well into high hours and it's only at the very end of service life that oil consumption reaches unbearable levels.

This means, therefore, that one is well advised to check oil levels when on long trips with many miles at highway, motorway, freeway speeds.

- and -

One should check oil levels frequently in high hour/miles engines.....yes, even if you change the oil at frequent periods.

This is the truth......most guys will not admit that their motor uses oil.
I am personally a little suspicious of an older motor that does not use at least a little oil.
Most ADV'ers are pretty much anal about oil, and do change it often, this could be disguising an oil usage issue. How many measure the drained oil?
Oil usage might not be noticeable at 2500 mi. but could be destructive at 5000 miles ( might be on an extended trip to a foreign country and proper oil not available) .
It might be an interesting experiment to ride your bike for an extended oil change interval just to see what the usage might be , if any. I know mine uses oil between changes, I ride long distances often and I have over 76k miles on a 23 yo motor.............
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