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Originally Posted by mxboy96 View Post
No offense to anyone out there who spends time studying engine oils or is an actual technician, but don't you think it'd be better to just use what the owners manual tells you to, being the people who actually 'built' the machine probably know what's best for it? Think about it;) The japanese aren't as dumb as they used to be(ex. WWII). Plus it'd save a whole bunch of time for riding than unneeded arguements proving people wrong.
Agree to a point. My takeaway from these various oil related articles I've read is that most (pretty well all?) of the name brand oils are pretty decent quality nowadays... and certainly much better than 20+ years ago. This business tho of mineral based oils (automotive or motorcycle) showing significant degradation in as little as 800 miles really surprised me. These scientific studies do seem to confirm that full synthetics degrade much slower, holding up much better under severe use. I would rather know than not know (about the truth in motor oil quality/performance), particularly given the claims of some manufacturers, and the huge price difference between some oils. Check out the price of a new KLR head - sure makes me very reluctant to attempt to save a few pennies extending an oil change interval! I don't think that anyone here is really suggesting deviating away from OEM viscosity recommendations or oil change intervals.
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