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After years of smashing my F800GS over rocks without an issue, the sidestand switch finally gave out. Fortunately, I had learnt how to fix this on the BMW Adventure Maintenance Course 2 years earlier and had applied the fix to someone else's bike, so it was familiar to me. I did it trailside in under ten minutes. It was pretty satisfying that I successfully diagnosed what the fault was first time (I was just coming out of a very deep river crossing, so could have easily mistaken it for electrics). I even remembered it's white and red you join together so got it right first time. The fix held up for the rest of the trail ride, which included dropping the (still running) bike in a river.

It was weather warnings here in the UK (you know it's good when weather is the main item of news, not just tailing it) and we were going through what is known for being one of the wettest trails in the UK: Even in summer it has 12 crossings (Strata Florida). In November and after our recent flooding, some of the trails were fast enough flowing to be 'white water' in places and had clearly flowing water for hundreds of metres of trail at a time.

It was pretty cold too; ice warning flashing all the time and we were clearly first on the trails this morning, any non-moving water we came to was frozen. It was a very new and cool sensation when I jumped from a small ledge above one pool and as the bike landed, hearing a sound like breaking glass as the ice gave way under 300KG+ of bike and rider.

F800GS performed admirably; a group of lads on proper dirt bikes were staggered we had gotten through that depth of water on our big adventure bikes.

One of the best days trail riding I've had.
I like my bike because I can overtake 4x4s down farm tracks with a week's worth of shopping on the back.
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