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Originally Posted by planemanx15 View Post
So I went out to my rim today to check on the pressure and it fell below 16 PSI. When I sprayed some soapy water on it I found that two spokes were leaking. So conclusion, screw it. I ended up taking everything apart and just putting a tube back in and I'm done with this. I really would've liked it to work, but it's not worth the trouble to have to spokes at a time go on me. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong I'm using all the same chemicals on a brand-new rim, so I don't know what is different. I think rather than carrying an entire tube with me, I will get a tube repair kit and keep that on the bike instead. A whole tube is nice because I'd rather only have to open the tire up once to play with the tube. I only use Heavy-duty tubes so that should help out with avoiding a blowout situation.
I tried and failed on this too. I have some feed back on tubes and how to make them a bit safer regards blow-outs. I've had a couple blow outs on tube tired bikes ... and I can tell you, it's frightening! INSTANT air loss!

I'd suggest Slime or Ride-On ... put it in your tube when you mount tire. It stays in there. Good for a year or so. Will it 100% prevent a flat? Maybe. But what it DOES seem to help with is rapid air loss.

Slime and Ride-On can, at the very least, slow down loss of air, and in some cases you won't get a flat at all ... can turn a flat into a slow leak.

It's good against small nails, small stables or small screws. I've tested it in Baja against Cactus thorns, very good on those. NOT SO GOOD against BIG nails or long sheet rock screws which tear up the tube completely in just mile or two riding with them in there. So what the Slime and Ride-On give you is a brief warning ... time to straighten up, slow down and pull over safely. To me, this is a BIG DEAL.

On Spare Tubes and Patching:
I never patch a tube on the road (or trail). Not worth the time/trouble. When far from anywhere I usually carry 3 tubes. One 21" on front fender,
2 rear tubes in luggage.

I don't carry Ultra HD or HD tubes with me. Too bulky and harder to install. BUT ... I do run HD tubes when installing at home where i have all the tools. So ... run HD tubes but carry normal weight tubes on the bike. (quality tubes ... Like Metzeler) Some variables on this depending on what you're doing or where you're going.

When I get a flat I simply put in the spare tube. But first ... check inside of tire for any sharp objects in the tire or stuck through. I've found small nails or staple, you could hardly see ... but your hand will feel them!!! (wear gloves)

If your tube only has minor damage (like one small hole), save it and take it with you. Patch it later back home, at camp or Motel with a cold beer.
Make SURE it's a solid patch and NOT leaking before re-using. Tubes are relatively cheap. I tend to go for NEW TUBES when possible. Or save the patched one for an unprepared riding buddy.

In Mexico, tubes are like GOLD ... I save them and have the Llanteros (tire shop) do a super patch, these don't fail.
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