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I found some pics of the rear suspension mod. The aluminum mono shock swing arm bolted right up to the XS frame after we cut the rear peg loops off. We used the XS swingarm axle and no other mods. Mounting the upper and lower shock linkage was a much more time consuming project. Most of the stock YZ linkage was used along with the frame mounts that were cut of the YZ donner frame.

We needed to get the lower shock linkage mount as far forward as we could to get the travel to work and the shock not to bind. Once we got the lower mount on we could position the upper mount. I wanted to get the shock vertical to increase the effective spring rate, but we could not do that without the lower linkage binding. So we ended up just about parallel with the spine of the frame.

No matter what we did the lower linkage would bind at about 4" of travel because we could not get the lower mount forward enough on the frame. So to get the full travel we had to make a shorter dog bone. That was mocked up with some aluminum plate and pins. Oh ... and a lot of trial and error

With this piece we can get 11" of rear travel. This is just a mockup and a friend with a CNC mill is reproducing the original with the new pivot points from the temporary piece.
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