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@OldPete: thanks for the good tips. The first thought when the bike died initially was bad fuel (mixed with water), I drained the tank, sold the old fuel off and bought new fuel, but forgot to check the filter then. Doh! Good tip with the felt. I'll need to find some when I hit civilization next

@MeinMotorrad: haha, yeah, don't want to piss off the moto gods too much, but they're only a figment of my imagination
I think the thought of quitting now and going to be with my human girlfriend pissed sanDRina off and she gave me all this trouble to focus the attention back on her. Women, I tell you, so demanding

@Chris: I'm riding in Afrikaaahh!!

@ADV Grifter: yeah, kicking myself now for overlooking the filter all this time. In my defense, prior to Nairobi, I had two inline fuel filters right after each petcock on the Safari tank and that meant they were clearly visible all the time and I routinely checked them and replaced as needed. In Nairobi, my mechanic buddy and I talked it over and he said putting the filter after the two lines join would mean less filters to carry. Good point, so we did that, and the filter is now hidden from view, behind the tank, near the rear brake reservoir. But, this filter was installed only 1,600 miles ago, so I think water or something else lead to early failure and then it clogged during running and when I let the bike 'cool down' I think the sediments in the filter settled and that allowed the bike to run again until all the sediments clogged the pores again. I hope that's it.
And you're so right, I gladly welcome a mechanical problem over an electrical problem, any day!
I checked both petcocks and their screens are ok but there's some crud around the base. I'll flush it when I get the next chance.

@eakins: I guess I'll never know. I mean, I could put the old CDI, rectifier and stator back on and check or believe that it was a new problem that arose after that...

@Thumper Dan: I have a spare harness and if she dies on me again, that's it, harness replacement!
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