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Lots of good advice and thoughts here. +1 to your acknowledging that a less powerful but different bike has a learning curve. Since I too have moved to the F700 maybe I can give a little perspective- although I'm arriving from a thumper F650 and 200 cc Scooter not a tuned fast street bike.

About preload set up: just for completeness sake, reset the preload to factory specs (look in the manual... I believe they have you turn the preload to completely hard then back off by x [15?] clicks). This set up is for a single rider of 175lbs. you might change it for your weight. Remember to also change the other suspension thingy too if its a big change.

Stalling: atomicalex and others have some good suggestions. I found that the dealer's set up has the clutch engaging immediately which caused me to stall or pop the clutch. The service manager showed me how to adjust this so the clutch now engages after I've pulled in the lever a little bit. It's easy to do- no tools required. Also the clutch is your friend, feathering it/ dragging it is ok. If that doesn't help, get thee to a dealer

Tires: I also have the battle wings. Check the pressure! Temperature changes in the fall are making my tire pressures fluctuate a lot and this effects the for handling as well. Btw, they have been great on gravelly and Marbly roads.

And how about some parking lot practice. It's really ok to do. I can imagine the riding characteristics between the old and new bike are really different; it was different for me going from old thumper to new version with slightly different set up. Let us know how its going!

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