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Hey guys, happy thanksgiving. Expect some server maintenance in the very near future. I just setup some brand new hardware and will be moving the website and app to it soon. I am going to put up an appeal for donations for the website once the new hardware is online. The website has been a little flaky lately and a hardware refresh was in order. We have some shiny new stuff in the rack and it's looking very nice. I've been working on it hard the last 3 days (with holidays comes time to work on this stuff) and I just got the last hurdle jumped. I will perform my due diligence and flip the switch sometime next week. Thanks for your support!

I believe the issue is exactly what you think it is. I am using some trickery when I render the tracks and only display a track on the page if either end of it is on the screen OR if both ends are off the screen some fixed distance and the track would cross the screen. This works great except for tracks that have low track counts. As you zoom in the tracks are likely to disappear. I do this because rendering was slow in earlier revisions and this was the best strategy I came up with to balance speed and availability. I figured if the track was so course that it wasn't visible using the rules I chose then it wasn't that necessary as it would be VERY straight. If a turn were to show up the track would appear again.
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