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You guys might be interested in the debate going on in editorial pages of the Salt Lake Tribune regarding Utah attempts to take over this region from the feds. Here is one comment from a responder who agrees with me:

Lest us not forget, Governor Herbert is a "Real Estate Mogal".

The land in its present form, belongs to the People of Utah with management by the Federal government who prevent "exploitation" of the Commons.

Herbert just wants to 'get his mitts on the land" for his personal gain, along with his Rich Buddies then they can put up "No Tresspassing Signs" and lock us, the unclean Public from having access without paying for it.

Just head to Montana and see what Ted Turner has done with his 2,000,000 acres.

"No Tresspassing"..

Here is the Trib debate:

So as offroad riders, we are probably jousting with Sierra Club types as well as the Rich Buddy crowd which includes Utah Gov. Herbert and Ted Turner.
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