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Originally Posted by 8thdwarf View Post
... I bought a 2010 F800GS ..., it loves the pavement. cuzes at 80 with out missing a beat, and VERY smooth. run it up to 100 and it can hum there all day long...Canyon cruzing and freeway flying? loves them both and makes both fun. Fire roads? OH YA!!! WOO-HOO!!! it can dance in the dirt, but take it on a single track and it will start to become work. it's like dancing with a big lady... you have to coax and conjole and finesse rather than power through stuff. and picking the F800 up is a after an oops is a BITCH....
So, I'm wanting a bike to complement my C14. Can't get a plate for the WR-400, so that is going to become a wall-mounted trophy. Just got back from checking out a real-live F800GS for sizing. Seems ok. (used to have a KLX-650c) 8dwarf, your description above had me recalling a bar moment back in my earlier youth. Was at a girlie club with a bud. One of the girls was attractive, and the beer goggles filtered the few extra pounds. So, I'm dancing with this chick (can't recall the song) and she raises a arm straight up and leans backwards. We both ended up on the floor! So, I go to help her up being the gentleman that I am, and she pulls me back down to the floor, and there we are again/still! The house was coming down, by this time. So, I don't want to relive those types of events.

The KTM 690R or 500EXC look more my size.
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