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Hmm, well I am a little confused them. You've uploaded or drawn the map on the website then? Can you verify you are logged in on both the website and the app and then post up the link to the map from the website so I can verify that it doesn't work on my phone as well. I've never had an issue with a map on the website not coming to my phone unless I forgot to put my credentials into the app.

I recently ordered some new parts for the lightning bug, I'm going to dump the BNC and go with more traditional Banana jacks. I also have to decide how I want to power the bug. It currently requires two cells to run which is a little inconvenient. I may switch some parts for a lower voltage requirement.... Once that is done we will get that online. The current schematic is linked on the youtube movie but I hope to make these a little more convenient to use before I go into production.

The Mini USB host should be available soon from an online vendor soon. I'll post up more details when they are available. I made a deal with a guy to build and sell them for me.

I've got other moto gizmos in the pipeline as well. Next year should be fun!

Originally Posted by NickJensen View Post
I'm not zoomed in that close. Both endpoints of the short streets are well within the display window. And they don't get downloaded to the phone and can never be seen again at any zoom level on either the PC or the phone. Somehow they become forever transparent or lost.

Welcome Back!

Any chance you'll sell kits or schematics for your "Lightning Bug" low current instrument? Also, the same for your micro arduino USB host?
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