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Yes, I'm quessing that the TA motor is no worse than most at oil consumption. It is prudent to check on oil level and changes. Most of these 20 + yo motors are nearing the mid range of their wear/mileage limits at least. From my experience, that's better than most bikes. It's easy to forget that the typical KLR, KLX, WR, XR, etc that a lot of us are familar with, is pretty much done at 7 to 10k miles and very few make it much past without serious maintance. In the rare exception where a ring sticks/brakes or a valve stem seal fails while your on a long trip and you don't catch it in time, well, SHIT HAPPENS.

I have never heard of a XR (650) or a NX650 being pretty much done at 7-10K miles unless neglect or abuse was involved. I have seen a few NX650's with 50K miles and still running fine. I thought KLR's were more reliable than that? There seems to be more than a few DR350's dead at 10K but they run the crap out of those little engines.
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