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I have never heard of a XR (650) or a NX650 being pretty much done at 7-10K miles unless neglect or abuse was involved. I have seen a few NX650's with 50K miles and still running fine. I thought KLR's were more reliable than that? There seems to be more than a few DR350's dead at 10K but they run the crap out of those little engines.
We probably rode ours a little hard. Well, as hard as old guys can. After the Continental Divide Ride and the TAT + a few Mexico, NM/CO rides, the '99 KLX. '03KLR and '03 XR650R we were riding were gettin a little tired, where we felt we didn't trust them to go on another long trip and be reliable. All had 7K+ miles and everyone has moved on to a fresher/newer model. Sure, partly because of new bike fever, and paranoia, and the never ending search for the perfect bike. We're all too old and don't feel the need to push it. Well, we couldn't push it very far. Let's face it most riders don't have the knowlede, experience, or will to do maintance of any kind much less major repair on their bikes, cars or anything else. ...For those who want to use em till they can't go any farther, your choice. I don't take any chances with maintance and after seeing your work on here I don't think you do either. I realize that many get much higher mileage and the Honda is probably the best of the bunch for that. All bikes have their own little particular quirks/problems that might need attention and no one model is right for everyone. That's part of the fun.
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