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Originally Posted by Endurodude View Post
Machinebuilder, have you had the Wilber fitted yet? If so, what's the verdict? I'm thinking of getting exactly the same setup on my F800, so I'd be interested in your thoughts.

I'm not into hardcore off roading, I just want suspension that allows me to go wherever I choose, irrespective of surface. I also want my setup tp cope with my luggage (metal panniers, 38l each side, camping gear on top).
Yes I got it back in August, I would not hesitate to go with the Wilburs Shock or the AK-20 Fork.

I did have a minor pogo sticking with the fork, I think I got past it by adjusting both dampers a little. I was going to call Traxxion about it but decided to try small tweaks.

Do to time and work most of the miles I have put on it are were paved roads, the difference is unreal, even with the "extreme offroad" setup I feel much more confident. Riding on forest service roads and 2 track it really shines, no jarring in the handle bars and I will willingly ride MUCH faster. ( I'm still slow compared to some people).

I went this direction because I thought for me and where I like to ride, I wanted the most improvement off road, I just didn't realize the difference it would make on road. I am sure the bike will go many more places than I am willing to take it. I really want to go back to Colorado now.
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