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Sorry you've had problems. Reading you post again and Grifter's I went out to garage and checked my pressures.

After three weeks my front is down about 6 lbs and my rear is down about 2 lbs. The air temp is also down 35 degrees from when I aired them up. Will air up the front tomorrow and do a soapy water test on the front. Saw the photos you posted of your sealing and the only thing I saw different was that I used a stainless wire brush to clean and ruffen each nipple. Leaving for a month in Mexico in January and wanted to run tubeless for quick roadside repairs if needed but don't need to take a tubeless problem with me. If the wheels only lose a pound or so a day I would probably stay tubeless since I carry a small 12v compressor with me.


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So I went out to my rim today to check on the pressure and it fell below 16 PSI. When I sprayed some soapy water on it I found that two spokes were leaking. So conclusion, screw it. I ended up taking everything apart and just putting a tube back in and I'm done with this. I really would've liked it to work, but it's not worth the trouble to have to spokes at a time go on me. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong I'm using all the same chemicals on a brand-new rim, so I don't know what is different. I think rather than carrying an entire tube with me, I will get a tube repair kit and keep that on the bike instead. A whole tube is nice because I'd rather only have to open the tire up once to play with the tube. I only use Heavy-duty tubes so that should help out with avoiding a blowout situation.
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