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Originally Posted by Gham View Post
Thanks,I wouldn't give up on anything I wanted to do that easy and yes I plan on attending their first event next year.I was just a little concerned about riding a class thats challenging but not well beyond my skill and fitness level.
I'm Detroit area so Wis./N.Ill. is a bit of a stretch but nice of you to suggest it.
Gham, Glad to hear you won't give up that easily!

I *LOVE* how TI handles the frustration mentioned so harshly here. They have youth sections that are ridden only by the youngsters -- ridden in the AM before the regular classes begin. Then Novice is focused on the newcomer rider who is able to do some simple basics.

From what I understand, WOTA events -- at least those I've chatted with numerous TI riders about (not attended one yet) -- have their beginner's class very similar to our novice class at T.I. If you'd like to hear one novice's viewpoint on my first summer competing trials, I hope you'll take a few minutes to read the several event reports I've written. Just a bit of background -- I rode trials for a season and a half 21 years ago. I've never been a dirt bike rider, but do have a good amount of street bike time. I don't take kindly to "hurt yourself" or "scare yourself" sections or particularly loop for novices...

and the final one -- Round One, 2013 of T.I. series...
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