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Originally Posted by ac_elite View Post
The tarmac stops just outside of Puertocito, from there to Alphonsina it is pretty sandy, with fairly deep silt at time, I dropped the GSA once there, as you will see in the pic we are pretty loaded, but it is really the camping gear for 2, and the winter riding gear that takes the bulk.

From Puertocito to Alphonsina

Others might have had no problems in these conditions but I have minimal off road experience and this was my first time in ''deep'' sand.

After Alphonsina to get to Coco's corner the road is not bad but again with sandy parts and loose fine gravel, we crossed 3 or 4 guys pre-running the course for the Baja 1000, all thought we were nuts to be here with the big GSA.

Getting to Coco's

The last stretch about 30 km from Coco's to the Mex 1 was very rocky with big rocks and large ruts, some loose gravel, washboard part, and several relatively steep hills with sand wash at the bottom, all doable, but two up loaded it was tough, I manage to keep the bike up for the approx 60 km and maintained a speed of about 45-50 k/hr. I felt I needed to keep the speed at that level because of the sand.

From Coco's to Mex 1

We did the 500 km from Bahia de Los Angeles to Mulegue on tarmac today and it was great, heading to Loreto tomorrow.

VERY impressed you did all that two up on a GSA with all the gear.....
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