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Back a day early from DV.

Saline Valley to Hunter Mountain was easy, Hunter mountain was a cake walk. The Cabin up there has had a lot of work done around it. Kinda sad but an easy ride.

Hidden Valley was easy, fast and clear all the way out the Tea Kettle.

Tea Kettle to Race track was wash board and some minor washouts, kinda sucked, easy but sucked.

Lippencott was tough on the 990, it was all downhill but the jeepers for some reason didnt know how to drive and kept parking in the midst of the trail often in the hardest parts. That sucked.

Saline back out to south pass was fine until the part right after the hunter mountain turn off. Then if just sucked.

Was able to get through on the 990, only had to stop and restart once on the really bad washout. It was a dogleg which didnt let you carry your momentum through the transition.

Other than that was just really cobbly.

So in conclusion. Yes doable on the big bikes, IF you a decent rider (I am not) it would prolly be easier.

Great weekend, weather was perfect and the nights we surprisingly warm.
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