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Originally Posted by Chris41483 View Post
The axis of the wheel is transmitted through to the swing arm.

I'm no expert rider, but I do understand mechanical systems. We may have to agree to disagree.

Of course, we could always meet in the middle and advise a strap be put on the front to assist in holding the bike upright. All bases covered!

Personally, I believe that after spending the almost 300$, and hauling it a few times with no issue, he is going to keep using this bracket no matter what we say!!!

***I just went and looked at the Lockitt tie down system. While I like that one equally as well (especially the price), if you use the wheels to hold the bike up, the effect on the swing arm is the same! The only way to reduce side load or tension is to use side load on the bars to hold the bike upright.
The difference between riding the bike and the pitbull is where the loads originate. While riding, the stresses initiate at the rubber and flow as the engineers modeled.

When using the pitbull, the inner potion of the hub will have acute compressive loads on the inner material, which are normally modeled as free. Although fatigue isn't an issue, the fact that the wheel is static may create stress paths that weren't modeled. Only the BMW engineers would know.

Another issue would be the difference in diameter. Theoretically, with enough stress, the inner tube will oblong the inner hub.

Will it matter, probably not, would I use it, no.
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