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I believe the tracks were dropped on the website. The map I received on the phone did match the website. Both showed the missing tracks.

But I can't tell you what caused them to disappear from the website. After I reentered them, I left the site and came back a couple of times in an attempt to discover what actions were related to the tracks being dropped. Then when I saw that my phone had missing tracks I went back to the website, and they were missing there also.

I'm not understanding "post up the link to the map from the website". It is a private map "Yellow Book Route" under my "NickJensen" login. But I'm not sure that will be much help as that map looks ok except for the fact that I had about 10-20 other streets (tracks) on the map before they were lost. I re-entered them at least three times, they looked good for a while but something I did, or the code did, eventually caused them to be lost. I was very careful to click the track save button after each definition. It is probably relevant that the same streets keep getting lost. I tried to find a universal map save action button as I was thinking that maybe there was another save operation I needed to be doing but found nothing other than the track save mechanism.

If this is only happening with my short tracks it probably isn't worth tracking down. Virtually any real trail riding usage won't have such tracks. I only brought it up because it might have wider applicability and therefore worthy of fixing. Might just be something to be on watch for going forward.

Great news on the new products. I've watched a lot of your engineering videos and your FreeSideAtlanta presentations. You've really come a LONG ways in a very short time. Some very good stuff. Great to see you're going to get those achievements to market!

Have you considered making a voice activated remote control for the app and forgoing the USB control box? I don't know enough about the Android programming interface to know how difficult that might be. But the voice to text ability of Android is absolutely amazing. I suspect that if you had a good programming interface and if it worked fast enough, it might be the ideal control interface. I think that I read somewhere recently that Android no longer has to be connected online to Google for the voice to text to work.


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