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I just got back from day one of racing...What a day

First, I wanted to finish my practice ride drama from yesterday......After throwing my bike over that downhill, I was able to bump start it in second and the CR250F ran fine.....until it didn't.......I remember just passing the start when I noticed I had no front brake...At all. So I had to finish a complete (7min) lap at Glen Helen GP with no front brake I don't know how I kept it on 2 wheels on some of those downhill cliffs without a front brake but somehow I did!

I pulled into the pit and to Tiny's surprise, my front caliper had come loose! and was hanging! How that thing didn't swing into the front spokes and send me over the bars is amazing in itself...Despite, it's best efforts to kill me (twice) I managed to walk away from the 250 unscathed.

John was speechless and told me the part for the 450 was just delivered so I would have the 250 Chris was using and...This was getting confusing. Everybody gave me kudos for bringing the bike back in one piece and after hanging around for awhile we went back to the hotel exhausted.

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