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Originally Posted by alainmax View Post
well Roger, it seem to run better in open loop and started running a little rougher when one first bar ( temp) came on....
had little time today, will try to find some tomorrow to confirm...i did all this without the idle accelerator() on...

If indeed confirmed, i suppose i will take the tank off and disconnect the O2 sensor connection , reassemble and try again, right? if at that point it runs fine, do i just change the O2 sensor ( + module reset)?

thanks Wirepro, I have not tried the plug dance yet

Again thank you much for your help
Alainmax, Just before 1 bar it is Open Loop AND richer mixture. Often, the richness (only a few percent richer at that point) makes a big difference.

What I think I'd do if I were you would be disconnect the O2 and add temporarily an AIR TEMP. Shifter like BoosterPlug or iice air. I have one you can borrow for testing. Does your fuel have ethanol in it? If so is it 10% like I get here in MA? Adding the air temp shift in open loop will keep the mixture a few percent richer. I don't recommend it as a long temp solution but it may give you a lot of insight.

What we want to find out before you spend money on a new o2 sensor is how sensitive your bike is to its mixture.
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