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I've dropped my bike while it wasn't moving to going 25mph+ and even over a cliff and I've never had a problem with my bars. Did the bar itself bend or did the mounts? Bars you can get for $100 anywhere. Do you have Barkbusters or anything? They can save your ass too!

Originally Posted by DoWorkSon View Post
So, less than 600 miles on my F8 and I already break it.

Doing some dirt riding to break it in, and I have a low speed drop. And in low, I mean low... Basically almost at a standstill and bike tips over. Crash bars did their job, and bike looks to be in perfect order. Pick it up and start to ride... Shortly after I notice that the handle bars seem "off". Not lined up and in order to make them look straight I have to turn the wheel a bit. At first I think it's my eyes playing tricks on me, but later come to the conclusion that they are not.

So. bring it in for it's first tune-up/install of K60s and have them check it out. Tech calls me and says they tweaked the bars the best they can, but either some bushing need to be replaced or the bar is bent and for a whopping $300+labor(so say $400) they can replace it.

Now, It seems pretty ridiculous that such a drop would bend the bar(dirt road, and most of impact was on front of handguards/crashbars). Is this common, or is my incident a fluke?? You would think for an off-road oriented bike the handlebars would be a little tougher.

Secondly, I know $300 is steep for handlebars, and the usual BMW overpricing, what are some alternatives in case the condition worsens or I can't stand them being off-set.
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