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Originally Posted by KingOfFleece View Post
I'll say it again. Test every piece of waterproof gear when you get it home. Bucket test for gloves, boots, and similar.
Hose or shower test for jackets/pants. I see PLENTY of failers in all the brands. Less in the higher price stuff most of the time but all the same enough to KNOW not to assume it will work as advertized.

Agreed: those of us in the NorthEast know what it's liie to cover 400 miles in 45 degree weather with wet body parts. Not fun.

Wet weather stuff is what I make and I ride in the rain a lot to test it. I have a closet FULL of stuff that did not make the grade. Some is mine that were prototypes, others were for a dealer friend trying new product lines, some are for other manufactures, and some to try out the competition so I would know for myself. I'd never trust any garmet without first testing it at home is my $.02 for the consumer. YMMV

Yes, this.

The membrane that most gear relies on for waterproofing is VERY thin and EXTREMELY delicate, and it's very common to find that it's gotten damaged during assembly. Gloves are the worst because they're so complex.
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