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Well I'm finally 'home'. I arrived in South Florida last night. This morning I woke up and had no idea where I was. It was a weird feeling. But it's definitely nice to be motionless for a few days. I've been on motion for about 4 weeks straight. All in all, we traveled about 15,000 miles on road and on dirt over some of the wildest terrain I could imagine. One thing everyone can agree on...silt sucks!

I made it back from Baja with a finisher's pin, a podium finish, a forearm still full of cactus thorns, 2 black eyes, hours of amazing GoPro footage, memories to last a lifetime, a love of that crazy peninsula, and a newfound respect for my teammates. Quitting is harder than moving the bike forward. Each teammate made it his only goal to simply get the bike to the next rider.

More important than our finisher's pin or even the podium finish, is the fact that we were able to raise just shy of $20,000 for our wounded veterans. This is truly incredible. Thank you!

I'll be putting together a ride report as soon as I can. There's just so much to say.

This isn't the end of 'RaceForTheWounded'. Stay tuned for bigger news... One thing is for sure, Baja hasn't seen the last of RaceForTheWounded!

I want to second what Brett said about Frog. That's one tough M'fer. Congrats. Hands down the best speech all night.

I also want to thank our entire pit/chase crew John Sr, Sue, Fred, Becky, Hup, Chili Reno, Russ, Kyle, David, Jerry (my dad), and Trey.

And I can't forget our sponsors. Without your help, we'd never of gotten to the finish line.

Again...thank you all for your support and dedication to helping our wounded vets.
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