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Well I changed the front end over.

The problems in no particular order:

The steering head bearings had failed. Badly, as in rachet action. Never noticed until the wheel was off the ground.

The steering stops on the Emig triples are not machined right. I don't have full lock, and I had to use a dremel on them for about 30 mins to get them to clear the steering head and allow the bearing to fully seat.

The Emig steering damper was pissing oil everywhere. There was a missing o-ring on one of the drain screws.

The mount for the steering damper post will only mount if the welds on the frame are neat and tidy. Mine were not.

The steering damper post was too high. Had to trim it down.

The front wheel mounts up without great drama, I used an existing sleeve I had turned up from alloy to allow the use of pre 06 RMZ front wheels in an 07 front end. The BMW axle is the same diameter as the 06 Suzuki. I trimmed 5mm off the axle because the axle clamps are a little narrower than the standard ones.

The bores for the fork tubes were done exactly to the measurements I gave them. But, the triples are so solid that despite being a very tight fit, it's difficult to get the clamps to do up tight enough to stop the fork tubes moving. I got it in the end, but they are tighter than I like alloy being.

I removed one disc, had a new stainless braided line made, and solo the braking is more responsive than it was. I'll wait and see what happens 2 up. I plan on fitting an aftermarket wheel with billet hub and motard disc anyway. It's getting the ABS sorted that's the pain.

So....first ride...I took it up the hardest spurline track I know. I now have no need of my DR with the RMZ suspension front and rear. The BMW is now truely a "trail bike". A big, heavy, hard to stop trail bike, but it's absolutely a trail bike. It is great fun off road now. I can safely say it will bang along at very un-BMW speeds. The looks on the faces of the 2 trail bike riders who were gingerly picking their way down a steep gravel covered trail as I blew past climbing at 60kph and airborne off the erosion bars was priceless. They were like...WTF...and I was like...BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA...BLAT...

Unleash the angry ponies and it is a awe inspiring ride now. The front end works so well that I can feel every little issue from the rear now. I've already spent a small fortune on the Ohlins rear, 3 resprings and 2 is light years better than standard, but now I can push hard enough to find the limits of the rear very quickly.

Now I'm going to go and measure the RMZ rear shocks I have in the garage. I'm thinking a hybrid Ohlins/Showa rear may be on the cards.

Pics to follow.
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