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Yamaha RD 400 in a KDX frame?

I have always been a RD fan, although I've never owned one. I have had an idea to stuff an RD motor in an old 82 KDX 250 I have layihg around. For 2 yrs only, Kawi made the 200 and 250 KDX with different frames, and the 250 is MUCH more roomy in the engine compartment. My first idea was to use an old 4t air cooled single motor of some kind, but a buddy mentioned using a Yamaha Banshee 350 twin 2 stroke quad motor. Then I looked at the layout of the 2 Banshee pipes and quickly gave that up. I also want to use an aircooled motor for the nostalgia factor, and prefer to stick to a 2 stroke. But then I remembered that an RD had small diameter pipes routed under the frame like a Rally bike sort of has, and had a Eureka moment. I think I could make an RD motor work with enough fabrication to the frame.

Were all RDs kickstart only? I seem to remember that the last time I rode one it was kick only, or do they have the button? Is there a points to CDI conversion, or were some RDs already CDI?
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