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Immobilizer woes

I have had some real issues with the immobilizer on my 2010 ADV990R. We have had little joy out of the KTM dealer to determine whether it is the antenna, ecm or the key barrell sender that is faulty or even how to configure any one of those units to each other if we replaced one.

I dont want to replace all 3 (plus having to changes all the keys, gas caps etc. I have also lost faith in the immobilizer system, fortunately it shat itself here in Santiago and not in BF Bolivia.

I remember reading a post somewhere where they mentined an 08 ecm as they didnt have immibilizers. So we swapped out the ecm today for one straight off an 08 990S, with no antenna fitted and it started straight up with no reconfiguration of the key.

Can we load a 2010 R map onto an 08 ecm and just be done with it, and in the process remove any immobilizer?

Appreciate any guidance

Cheers - Martyn
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