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Originally Posted by MotoBoss View Post

Many factors can contribute to front end "wobble";

Possible causes.........
Low tire pressure
Unbalanced tire
Warped brake rotor
Bad wheel bearings
Mismatched front and rear tire treads designs
Bad or mis-adjusted neck bearings
Uneven weight distribution / front to rear

or possible other causes. Start simple, like readjust weight, re-balance your tires, check neck bearings and so on........

I believe I'm in the 'none of the above' category. Tire pressure is good, tires were balanced when new by dealer, I don't believe the rotor is warped, wheel bearings seem good, tires matched, not sure about neck bearings but only 6,200 miles on bike, and there was almost no load last time I noticed it. Small backseat bag, under 2lbs.

I'm thinking maybe either the rifle windshield is too tall for it, or maybe the tires are just wearing funny. They look to be wearing normal, but the rear is squaring off way quicker than the front.

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